GIS unit testing frameworks

Discussion created by ganeshssac on Nov 6, 2013
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Hi guys
I wanted to know what type  of testing  frameworks, do you use when developing application using arcgis javascript api. At the moment, I am confident of creating any web gis application and adding lot of gis functionality and geoprocessing functions in my application by looking at the sample codes from the And, I don't use any testing framework in my application.
At the moment, I only test my code by running my application on the local server and test under different browser environments (chrome, firefox and IE) to see if the code works or not. If I got an error, I mostly look at console window or use try and catch error methods to find the problem.

As a GIs developer, do we need to have knowledge on testing frameworks like ( jsunit, nunit). Just wanted to know, without this unit testing framework knowledge, would a GIS developer able to survive in Real  time application development. Is this pre-requisite for a GIS developer to become a competent software developer.

Finally, if I have been offered an GIS developer job and if they wanted me to write unit test my code, and if I say i don't know, will I be thrown out of the job.

If anyone can throw some lights on this, will be much appreciated.