Querying a Joined Table

Discussion created by chuckyboy81070 on Jul 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 11, 2011 by dougcurl
hi all,

i'm trying to perform a query on a layer that has it's table joined to a stand alone table in the same geodatabase. since the stand alone table is in the same geodatabase as the layer, it shouldn't be a permissions issue. it fails using the web REST API interface. the query is 1=1 and the error is "Unable to perform query. Please check your parameters.", and as a result, it will fail in my silverlight app as well. all other attempted queries fail as well. there are only 30 features in the table. the table will open fine in ArcMap itself, and i can perform attribute queries there too. un-joining the table and republishing the map will allow me to query via the web REST API interface, but i wont have the joined attributes of course.

i originally posted this question to the silverlight forum, but i thought i may have more luck here. please see this thread for more details.