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Reference joined field name in Model Builder

Question asked by nbanerjee on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Hornbydd

I have built a model in Model Builder for a specific use that accepts a feature class and table as input parameters, join them together based on known fields, and then runs some operations including running 'statistics' and field calculations.  The individual field names in the tables are/will be the same, however, the input feature class and table names may vary.  The problem Im having is when I run in model builder, I get errors because it appends the feature class and/or table names to the raw field name (e.g. <table name>.<field name>) which change based on input feature class/table names selected by user. 

I tried unchecking the 'Maintain fully qualified names' in the Environment settings for field, but I still get same errors.  I may not be setting it correctly - I tried setting Environment in the model and at the default ArcToolbox level.  Even after I do this the 'statistics' tool seems to still require the full qualified name.

Is there a trick to setting the Environment variable or is there another way for some of Model Builder to handle variable feature/table names for these tools?