How to add current location button to AGO Web App

Discussion created by Rlittlefield on Oct 23, 2013
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I have a Widows 7 Panasonic ToughPad for a field device. We are using ArcGIS Online for our mobile solution. Since Windows 7 doesn't have an app like iOS or Android, creating a Web Application is the only option.

If I create a Web Application with, for example the Basic Viewer there is no current location or locate me button. Is there a way to add one? I've downloaded the web app and have it running off our server. I've found the "locate button" ArcGIS APR for JavaScript (found in link below), and have tried adding it the web app code, but it doesn't work properly. I've also found code names for "GetCurrentLocation" and "WatchPosition" but don't know how to code those in.

Ultimately I'd like to add a locate button, that would use the device's GPS? I know the Parcel Viewer has a locate button. It works ok, not that great though. Even if there was a way to take the parcel viewer's locate button and put it into the other Web Applications, that would be better than nothing. As you can probably tell I'm not a programer, so don't understand the code that much.

Locate Button Link: