Dojo Build for AMD-Style JavaScript Application

Discussion created by obase on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by odoe
I developed an AMD-Style web application where all the code resides in a single js file. After including the init.js of ESRI Javascript API, I include this single file as it is also shown in the jsapi samples. This file has basically the following structure:

require([ many many dependencies ], handler );

But there are a lot of dependencies and it takes huge time until all the dependencies are loaded. So I wanted to make a build of the dependencies, but I couldnt find any ESRI documentation showing how to do that. And Dojo documentation for building is somewhat too complex for me and too many changes between versions and it is also not clear if ESRI source can be built into this build process or not. So I could not figure out how to accomplish it.

Can someone suggest an easy way how to speed up the loading process of AMD-Style ESRI applications? How should a basic profile file look like? How to call the build tool on command line? Maybe an example using an ESRI jsapi sample?

Thanks in advance