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When using a Feature Layer, applyedits fires multiple times

Question asked by manghiec on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by manghiec
I'm using a feature layer that is editable and when a new feature is added, I'd like to prompt the user with a dijit dialog box to confirm they want to add the new feature to the database.  This works fine when only one feature is added during a editing session, but if more than one is created, the applyedits function is fired multiple times and all the features in the editing session are duplicated with each new feature.  I used Firebug to see the multiple POST events are firing when I think there should only be one call to applyedits.  The duplicated features will also have an ObjectID this is out of sequence with the others.

I've tried omitting the dialog box and it work as expected.  I've tried clearing the default map graphics layer and the feature layer with no success.  Where are they hiding!  I've also modified an editing example from Esri and ran into the same problem.  Any advice is appreciated!