Register folder connection with hidden UNC path

Discussion created by stsnider on Oct 17, 2013
Is it possible to register a folder connection with ArcGIS Server that uses a hidden UNC path?  For example \\server\D$\folder.  The ArcGIS Server user has full control security access to this directory.  Is it the $ in the UNC path that is causing the problem?  Our IT dept wants to use a hidden UNC path for security.

In ArcGIS Server manager, i can create a folder connection by providing the drive letter path and the hostname of the computer.  But an ArcGIS Desktop connection does not have the same way to connect.  In Deskop, there is not a way to specify the hostname and a drive letter path...use have to provide a UNC path.

Any ideas on how to register a hidden UNC path with ArcGIS Server?