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Administer SDE without Versioning Lineage Tree?

Question asked by MLF on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by rastrauch
Hello! This is more of a conversation than a problem-oriented question; if it is in the wrong place, let me know, and I will move it.

We are soon to migrate to 10.2, and I have never before been without my GDBT extension Versioning Lineage tree.  We have about 70 versioned editors, maintain 9 replicas, and run a pretty tight ship--reconcile all versions and aim for a full compression every night (legitimate long-term transactions excepted).  Every morning, I open the Versioning Lineage tree, and can see at a glance if any of these processes has an issue.

For those ArcSDE Admins who either have never used the GDBT toolset, or those who are already in the 10.2 environment: how do you check for full compression, conflicted versions, orphaned replica versions, etc., and with what regularity? 

Thank you!