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Service Extension - Add and Delete

Question asked by shaningesri on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by mvillemontesrifrance-fr-esridist
It happened to me twice already - I added a service extension.  It got crushed somehow, and it got disappeared from the Extension list.  However, this service can't be added.  The warning message likes that:
An extension with name 'xxx' is already registered for service type 'MapServer'
This extenion service is listed in mapservice's capabilities, but not in the Extension list.  It indicates something is wrong for the extension service registry.  Hopefully, ESRI Developer Team can take a look on it and then fix it.  As pointed out in my another thread, I can't do anything on it unless re-install (Remove and then Re-Install, Not Modify or Repair) ArcGIS Server to clean up the \arcgisserver\ folder.