EngineEditor question

Discussion created by sgavathe on Oct 8, 2013

I am able to get the Engine Editor working in our Engine Application. But i am not able to get the Undo/Redo button enabled correctly.

What i noticed is, Editor toolbar Undo/Redo buttons works the first time (after creating a toolbar in code behind using AxToolbar and adding Engine Editor Controls). For example, i create a feature between following code block
editor.StartOperation(); and editor.StopOperation(GUID);

But after closing the Toolbar and reopening a same Toolbar second time (without shutting down the application), Undo/Redo button never gets enabled even if my same code block for create a feature is executed. I can add , delete feature just fine but Undo/Redo doesn't get enabled.

My data is in file geodatabase, could it be because of the file lock as file is locked even if the Editor is not in Editing mode?

Saw the similar behavior on ESRI's EditingUsingCustomForm sample as well.

Web link,

Directory Location.
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.1\Samples\ArcObjectsNet\EditingUsingCustomForm\CSharp

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