Error when register database with ArcGIS server

Discussion created by tzhang8807 on Oct 8, 2013
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I am using Arcgis 10.1(x32) and I have successfully connect postgresql(x64) as geodatabase.

When I try to register database with Arcgis server 10.1(x64), I followed the instruction on the esri' help.That is:

1.Download the x64 library for arcgis server and copy to bin directory in install file.

2.restart the arcgis service

3. grant the database privilege to sde account

As I choose the connected sde database as register database, the error occurred:

The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Cannot connect to database because the database client software failed to load. Be sure the database client software is installed and configured correctly.

I am wondering anything else I should do to make this work.