How do I get ArcGIS tiles to display a single layer when multiple are available?

Discussion created by qscend_dev on Oct 8, 2013
I am using Bing Maps v7 to display layers from an ArcGIS server. The server displays multiple layers as one, but I would like to only display a single layer.

Suppose a map service has the layers: Topographic Info (0), Places Info (5), and Citations(10)

I write code to get a tile like so:

var source = new Microsoft.Maps.TileSource({
        uriConstructor: function( tile ) {
            return baseUrl + "/tile/" + tile.levelOfDetail 
                        + "/" + tile.y + "/" + tile.x;

Which would procdure a URL like this:

Is it possible to have the generated tile only display information regarding a single layer, such as Topographic Info (0)?  Is there a query string parameter or different path that can be used?