JS API 3.7 layer mouse-out event not firing when changing symbols

Discussion created by alexng99 on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by mattlane86
In API 3.7, my FeatureLayer "mouse-out" events are not firing when I change symbol via setSymbol().

I have a FeatureLayer and when I mouse-over a line, I want it to highlight that line, then when I mouse out, I reset it back to the previous symbol.  In API 3.6, it worked for me, but in 3.7 it seems to break.

Please see this JSFiddle:  My lines are not turning back to previous symbols because mouse-out is not fired.

I forked my JSFiddle to use API 3.6 and everything works as expected.  See working example in 3.6:

I'd like to use version 3.7, but this bug is breaking my code.  What can I do to work around this?