Converting points in in one coordinate system to another

Discussion created by bdorr on Sep 30, 2013
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I have lat long point data (decimal degrees) that were taken from a GPS using the Guam 1963 datum (Clarke 1866 ellipsoid). I would like to convert these data to WGS84 Lat Long or UTM and add these converted points to the attribute table (see below). I can re-project the data and view it correctly in WGS84 with no problem. But I have not figured out how to actually convert the source data (Lat Long point data, Guam 1963) and add new UTM point data converted to WGS84. The goal is to have the point source data in WGS84 so it does not have to be re-projected. Any ideas?

DEPLOYMENT Latitude(Guam 1963) Longitude(Guam 1963) UTM_N (WGS84) UTM_E (WGS84)
419                       13.59201                       144.86261                  ???????? ????????
420                       13.5921                        144.86257                  ???????? ????????