Dojo namespace

Discussion created by agesriuser on Sep 27, 2013
I am working within an application that uses dojo. The ESRI dojo overrides the dojo within the application, breaking some of the functionality. In previous versions of the ESRI JS API I was able to change the namespace ( by using the following code.
djConfig = {
    scopeMap: [
      [ "dojo", "esriDojo" ],
      [ "dijit", "esriDijit" ],
      [ "dojox", "esriDojox" ]

Unfortunately that doesn't work past the ESRI JS API 2.8. I have been trying to upgrade to v3.6 and have again run into this hurdle. Is there a way to change the namespace of the Dojo that ESRI imports. I have tried downloading the API and altering the dojo code in a couple of places, but that doesn't seem to be doing what I want.