esri/map - invalid url request for map image

Discussion created by kgebiconsulting on Sep 27, 2013
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I have put together a website around the esri/map component which displays a base layer and then our own map service as a second layer.  It works great for me, but my coworker does not see the base layer when he tries it.  In both cases we are using IE9 on Windows 7.  When I capture the network traffic, I see that his browser does a request for a nationalmap image which results in a "HTTP/1.1 404 Invalid size specified" error:

Notice that the url specifies the size as: 641.02,686.02.  The national map requests from my machine always have whole numbers.  If I remove the fractional part of the size and manually request this url in the browser, it works. 

Is this a problem with the national map service for not supporting fractional sizes, or is it a problem with the esri/map component for generating requests with a fractional size.

In either case, any suggestions for a work-around would be appreciated!