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moving tool

Question asked by nespap on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2013 by rfairhur24
I want to make a tool which moves a shapefile and I can't find the apropriate tools to use.
In short, my data are a point shapefile and a raster. I created a polygon shapefile consisting of
concentric circles. I want to place the centre of the polygon shapefile I created on the first point
of the point shapefile and then to do some calculation between the cirlces of the polygon shapefile
and the raster (it is the easy part). Next I want to move the circles of the polygon shapefile so that
their centre coincidense with the next point and make new calculation between the circles and the raster.
The points are many, so I want to make a tool for a batch processing, but I can't find out how to move
the polygon shapefile. Any help is welcomed.

Thanks, Nestoras Papadopoulos