Error in reading a shape file

Discussion created by tenzeyonleey on Sep 15, 2013
I think i have got the right platform and i had some problem while adding a shape file to arcgis. Actually i am working on some meteorological data and some stations scattered all over my country. So, i have started using the spatial analyst option in arc gis (from therei have chosen IDW) to interpolate the other unsampled area from those stations so that i can compare the climatic variations across regions. For that, i need to have a contour map (shape file) and my instructor has made that for me and have sent through mail. I just downloaded the Zip-file and extracted and then saved in my working folder. After that i tried to open it in arc gis where nothing was displayed. When i opened the attribute table of that contour shape file, there were no data (i have just seen the titles).
I would be very grateful if this platform could kindly help me and sort out the problem.
Thank you, well in advance!!!