'where' parameter is invalid on query on feature layer

Discussion created by rokitscience on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by vinaybansal
Hi everyone,
it has been a week that I have this problem.
I haven't changed anything on my code but 1 week ago I received a "'where' parameter is invalid" error when this query is executed on a feature service (hosted on Arcgis online):

var statDef = new StatisticDefinition();
  statDef.statisticType = "sum";
  statDef.onStatisticField = "Area";
  statDef.outStatisticFieldName = "Tot Area";
  var query = new Query();
  query.returnGeometry = false;
  query.where = "Area>0";
  query.outFields = ["Area"];
  query.outStatistics = [ statDef ];
  query.groupByFieldsForStatistics = ["YearEstabl", "TypeName"];
  query.orderByFields = ["YearEstabl", "TypeName"];
  var qt = new QueryTask("");
  qt.execute(query, function(result){

I am referencing to //

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!