Broken feature-linked annotation?

Discussion created by pmcatnip on Sep 10, 2013
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Our feature-linked annotation seems to have lost some of its feature linkage ability.  We have point data in a file geodatabase and used the 'convert labels to annotation' tool to make a feature-linked annotation layer (saved in the database).  This is a 'living' data file and my colleague adds new features once in a while.  We tested that adding new point features made new annotation and that editing the label field also updated the annotation text.  Everything was good.  Today that link has mysteriously broken--new features don't make new anno, and updating the point's label attribute doesn't update the anno.  The annotation layer still shows the relationship class so I don't know what could be wrong.  Moving points does move the anno so it's retaining the offset info.  Deleting points also deletes anno but creating points doesn't create anno.

For a couple days I've been moving the annotation to be visually pleasing (1/3 done of about 2000 anno's) but nothing major--just scooting, rotating, and adding leaders.  Did I break it and how can I restore the linkage?

ArcMap 10.0, ArcInfo license.

Edit to add related info--I have a test anno layer that is nearly identical but without the annotation classes.  It's the layer I played around with before starting the real one.  (This is my first project with annotation, so I fiddled with settings using the test layer.)  The test layer has retained its linkage and updates everything correctly--but only upon exiting the edit session.  I think the only difference between the test anno layer and the real anno layer is that the real one has annotation classes and those are styled with my own settings.