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Changing line rendering to include an arrow head?

Question asked by keithgemeinhart on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by keithgemeinhart
I'm trying to change the symbology/appearance of a line/graphic on an ArcGISLocalFeatureLayer. I would like to have a line with an arrow on the end.

I've tried making changes in the mxd before publishing as a map package, but it doesn't look right when the layer is loaded on the map. For example, I choose the pre-defined "Arrow at end" and change the color, keeping the arrow black. Then I share the package. On my runtime app map, it looks like a thick black line. I'm guessing it's having a problem rendering the arrow, maybe repeating it over the length of the line, obscuring the actual colored line.

I tried changing the renderer on the layer but that caused some other problems, and I still couldn't get the arrow at the end of the line.

Would someone be kind enough to post some example code that shows how to change the appearance of a line to include an arrow at the end?