Model to calculate various fields for each feature class in a gdb

Discussion created by guabairo on Sep 4, 2013
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Hello all:

I need to know how to:
Using model builder to automate,
Joining two feature class tables (Add join)
calculate fields (4 fields)
for each feature class in a gdb

The model works fine for a layer that is present in arcmap.  It does not work on other feature classes because the field name keeps hardcoded and does not change with each feature class.

add join --> fc table , fc join table.
then calculate previously added fields based on the joined table.
remove join.
Problem: field names keep "hardcoded" pointing to the original feature class name and field names.

I need to automate this process for many feature classes in a gdb.

Your help will be appreciated

Iván Santiago
San Juan, PR