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Problems with Parse Path

Question asked by stefanpetersen on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by stefanpetersen
Hello Everyone,

I'm having trouble with Parse Path. I have created a model, that iterates over multivalues. I need to to drag - drop a lot of different layers, that are stored at a lot of different locations from arcmap into the parameter dialogue of the model. I need the model to parse the name of each shapefile, which works fine, and I need the model to parse the path of each shapefile. I use the Parse Path tool, set the parameters to Path, but I only get empty outputs.
When I open the ArcToolbox from ArcCatalogue and run the model from there, it works, but I can not browse to hundred of different shapes at lots of different locations and add them step for step to the dialogue box. That will take hours.
So I need the convienience to run the model from arcmap, I need to open the layerfile in arcmap and drag drop all contents to the dialogoue box and run the model.

I would really appreciate some help on that issue, as it's driving me crazy.

Thanks a lot!!