Use non-optimised dojo during development

Discussion created by hodges@rpsgroup.com on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Arkitech

I've developed a web app using the Javascript API which is working great in my IE9 browser and on Firefox.  However, I've just decovered when using it on IE7 and 8 it throws some JavaScript errors.  The error occurs in the init.js file which is part of Dojo.  However, the install of dojo bundled with the JS API is optimised so very difficult to use for debugging.  Does anyone know of a way that a non-optimised install of Dojo could be used with the API?  Is the only way going to locally hosting both the Dojo and ESRI JS APIs or could there be an easier way?

It would be great if ESRI included a development URL for the JS API that used the non-optimised Dojo files instead of optimised one.