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exportwebmap - how to make file name unique so resultant PDF is not cached by browser

Question asked by SRoberts on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by SRoberts
  We are using the export web map service to provide for the creation of PDFs in our web applications.  Usually this works nicely.  However, ArcGIS server seems to reuse file names after clearing the output directory.  We have had users creates more than a handful of PDFs, and because their browser has cached the previous PDFs, instead of fetching a new PDF, it shows an older cached PDF.  Is there a way of making the file names unique over a certain period of time?  The file names have a nice long string which I assume is unique to my server/service, but the last three digits are the only part that changes for each PDF, and they seem to get reused far too often.  For example : _ags_8d9ea50233b940c081faca4a2a81af629.pdf.  The only part of the file name that changes for this service is the last three digits "629", and they only go from 621 to 629, and then they get reused.