seeking samples or documentation on using multiple geocoders and geocoderMenu

Discussion created by pkeegan on Aug 14, 2013
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Hi All,

Looking for a sample or documentation on how to configure the geocoder digit to use multiple custom locators.

I am trying to construct my geocoder with multiple geocoding service and allow users to change between them via the geocoderMenu.

I found this very cool working example but it was a bit more complex than i was looking for:

my code (which does not show the geocoderMenu) is something like this

  var geocoder [];
                 var custom1 = {
   url : "some url for a locator",
   name : "Address",
   outFields : "*",
   singleLineFieldName : "Address"

  var custom2 = {
   url: "some url for a locator",
   name: "Name",
   outFields : "*",   
   singleLineFieldName: "PlaceName"

 var geocoder = new esri.dijit.Geocoder({
  map : map,
  geocoders : geocoder,
  autoComplete: true,
  theme : "simpleGeocoder",
  geocoderMenu: true,
  arcgisGeocoder : false
 }, "webmap-toolbar-right");