automatically render data entry form from ags feature service

Discussion created by andyaduff on Aug 13, 2013
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Good Morning,

I am currently considering a proposal to develop a "template application" that would allow a user to point to a feature service from the rest endpoint and with a configuration file auto generate some data entry forms that would include dojo controls for fields included in the service (text, pick list, date/time picker, attachment uploads, etc), deal with one to many relationships, tab order, etc.  This way we could generate a geodatabase design (with related tables, etc) and publish it as a feature service and quickly generate data entry forms for the strucure (or a subset of the structure) without having to rewrite all the HTML/JavaScript application logic each time.  I acklowedge that some coding will still be required once this tool generates the "template". Essentially does this for us through the edit popup but is more of a mapping workflow as opposed to a forms based data entry workflow and doesn't really work well for entring a lot of data (scrolling issues on popup, smaller layout, not tailored/branded to our agency logo, doesn't work with related data tables, etc).  Im wondering if anybody has created something like this and has any information they could provide to me?