labeling Operational Layer

Discussion created by bmwgsbill on Aug 9, 2013
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I am using a template with An ArcGIS rest service.  The layer that I want to use says 'Has Labels: true'  Now I want the label to show up in my ESRI JSapi web application.  the Template I am using has the following code
 operationalLayers: [{
   type: "feature",
   url: "http://.....6080/arcgis/rest/services/........../MapServer/5",
   title: "Tanks - Scada Sites",
   options: {
    id: "tanks",
    opacity: 1.0,
    visible: true,
    outFields: ["*"],
    infoTemplate: new InfoTemplate("tank name", "${*}"),
    mode: 0

My question is....Is there an option that I need to add that makes the labels appear...because they are not on.  Does this make sense? 
Thanks in Advance.