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Unable to toggle webmap popups

Question asked by deleted-user-1T_bOHag6M8d on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by cmosnick-esristaff
I have a need to disable webmap popups when a certain Pane in an Accordion Container is open. I've been implementing Kelly's advice here. However, after I reconnect the clickHandleListener and then try to disconnect the clickEventHandle, the popups still appear. I've created a plunker that demonstrates my issue here.

To reconstruct the issue in the plunker, click the "Popups Disabled" pane which successfully disabled popups. Then click the "Popups Enabled" pane which enables popups. Finally, click the "Popups Disabled" pane again and you'll see that popups are still enabled.

Can anyone provide information why dojo.disconnect(response.clickEventHandle) only appears to work once?