How can i set the angle of MarkerSymbol without DOJO.

Discussion created by justinguo on Aug 8, 2013
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hi,guys,i wanna say the DOJO drove me crazy,actually, I wanna develop a GPS realtime track module, I've already get Map through javascript which using JQUERY. several years ago,we were using ArcIMS to implement tracking functionality with javascipt. but right now i really forgot it, i had partly code like below:
any advice will be appreciated,thanks in advance.

var trackRealtimeIconUrl = "";
var carPoint = new ESRI.ADF.Geometries.Point(Gpsinfo.lon,Gpsinfo.lat,spatialReference); //Gpsinfo is an object that including property of GPS terminal.
var carMarkerSymbol = new ESRI.ADF.Graphics.MarkerSymbol(trackRealtimeIconUrl, 22, 21, "pointer");

//i wanna declare PictureMarkerSymbol like this,but its void.
//How shoud i found the reference in this website, and it does not including DOJO.
//var carMarkerSymbol = new ESRI.ADF.Graphics.PictureMarkerSymbol(trackRealtimeIconUrl,22,21,"pointer");