graphics, context menu, edit - can I rotate TEXT

Discussion created by amarsden on Aug 6, 2013
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I have a drawing toolbar that allows my users to add graphics.  Using this sample I have added context menu to edit the shapes they have drawn.  My users can add textsymbols (which have a point geometry) this part of the code

ctxMenuForGraphics.addChild(new dijit.MenuItem({
        label: "Rotate/Scale",
        onClick: function() {
            if (selected.geometry.type !== "point") {
                editToolbar.activate(esri.toolbars.Edit.ROTATE | esri.toolbars.Edit.SCALE, selected);
            } else {
                alert("Not implemented");

Prevents the rotate option being enabled for the textsymbol.

However my users want to be able to rotate textsymbols.  If I remove the check for POINTS in the code above I don't get the "Not implemented" warning, but I also don't get any rotate handles.

The TextSymbol does have a rotation property, so I could get that set when it is generated, but the user wil have to be good with angles.

Any thoughts?