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North Arrow is not visible while exporting map with rotation using Print task

Question asked by vinaybansal on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by vinaybansal
Hi All,
I am getting strange behavior while exporting map using Print Task. I have a custom template, in which North arrow is displayed along with map. Now when I am passing the rotation angle in Print task json, map is rotated, but the north arrow is not visible.
But when I am passing the same json with no rotation, North arrow is visible.
In order to test whether it is the problem of ArcGIS rest API, I opened the ArcMap, and used the Export Web Map using the toolbox, and passed the same JSON and template to Export Web Map, and the output generated has the North Arrow shown with rotation.
So not getting why it is happening when Geoprocessing Service is published that North Arrow is not visible in output file when data frame is rotated.
Is this a bug with ArcGIS Rest API or I am missing out something?

Please let me know.

Vinay Bansal