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Using multiple version of Dojo

Question asked by ldwedari on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by JGravois-esristaff

I need to use Dojo 1.9 in my page since it fixed some Bounding Box bugs in version 1.8.3. ArcGIS currently uses 1.8.3, so I need to use both versions of Dojo at the same time in my page.
I'm new to Dojo, so I don't fully understand the configuration process, but I've tried to rename the Dojo namespace used by ArcGIS with this dojoConfig:

var arcgisMap = { dojo: "dojoArcgis", dijit: "dijitArcgis", dojox: "dojoxArcgis" };
var dojoConfig = { //required for custom extensions to ArcGis (e.g. the cluster layer)
  parseOnLoad: true,
  packages: [
    { "name": "dojoArcgis", "location": '', packageMap: arcgisMap },
    { "name": "dijitArcgis", "location": '', packageMap: arcgisMap },
    { "name": "dojoxArcgis", "location": '', packageMap: arcgisMap },
    { "name": "Clustering", "location": '@Url.Content("~/Scripts/map/CustomArcGis/Clustering")' }

But when I call
I get the error 'dojoArcgis' is undefined.

Could somebody point me to what I'm doing wrong and maybe put here some code that show how to configure Dojo?