ArcGIS 401 error during initialization of javascript map

Discussion created by brettbattles on Aug 1, 2013
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I have a dumbed-down application to only reference a geometry service, and a feature service.

When the map is being initialized, it sends out a GET request of: but when using Chrome debug tools / fiddler I see it is returning HTTP 401 error

when I open this url in its own window/tab it produces the following output:
{"currentVersion":10.02,"soapUrl":"a url is in here","secureSoapUrl":"a url is in here","authInfo":{"isTokenBasedSecurity":false}}

It appears this is an object to determine the status/capability of the arcgis server to assist the javascript api.

Why am I getting this error? How do I resolve it? Could this be a symptom of my bigger problem (unable to edit features via javascript api).