map object not resized using print.css

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I have an app where the user chooses parameters from a few dropdown menus, and a print-friendly map page opens in a new tab.  From this page, the user can click a 'print' button, which uses window.print() to open the browser's print dialog.  I have a print.css page, which is working well with my 'normal' divs, text and images.  I have this tag in my HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="print.css" type="text/css" media="print" />

My problem is that I cannot seem to reset the size of the Dojo map object.  The map in my printed page (or PDF, if I choose CutePDF) is the same size as whatever the size was in the print-friendly page.  I would like my print.css to hard define the printed version / PDF as an exact height and width, regardless of the window size in the print-friendly page.  I cannot define the size of page to be printed in the print-friendly page, b/c for one, my client would like to pan and zoom the map after the print-friendly page is generated.  I have no problem setting the size of the other elements in my print.css rules (text box, hard coded legend with images)...but any rules I try to set for the map itself in my print.css page are ignored.

I tried using 'exportMapImage', thinking that maybe I could make an image of the map and its contents, but this loses the basemap which I need, and also I do not want the user to open yet another page or tab.  (I am having the same problem with my scalebar, but I this isn't so important for this project).

My goal is to create a PDF or printed page that is the same size no matter what the screen size or current window size., and I have it working except for the map itself.

Any ideas? I hope I explained my problem clearly. Thanks , J