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identitymanager & proxy

Question asked by albertoaloe on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by JGravois-esristaff
Sorry guys...
I know that this has been asked several times.....but reading all the posts increased my confusion instead of solving the issue

My configuration is:

  • ArcGis Server 10.1 with WebAdaptor

  • SSL set on the ArcGIS Server and IIS 7.5 (at the moment with the home made certificate)

  • Token based authentication

I'm making some planning about the following scenario.

I need to workaround the issue related with Internet Explorer 7-9 when using IdentityManager as explained here Basically I'd like to offer IE 7-9 users the possibility to authenticate themselves  against the ArcGIS Server in the web application through the use of IdentityManager (exactly like Chrome and Firefox without using the proxy). I do not want to do authentication at the application level.

Is it possible or do I have to embed username/password (or token) in proxy.config ?

If it is possible where can I download the most updated proxy files ? How can I set proxy.config in order to access my secure services and my ArcGIS Online for Organizations web maps ?