Errors in Output of Vehicle Routing Problem

Discussion created by durraniu on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by nan-esristaff
I have 19 orders (stores), 3 depots (warehouses) and 3 routes (trucks) per each depot i.e. total 9 routes. When I ran the Network Analyst solver, I could only see the map of 8 routes. There were 3 orders unassigned. To resolve the problem of unassigned orders, I clicked on every route to select it and also viewed its directions table. To my surprise, when I selected this particular route (NTruck_1), there was nothing selected and when I opened the directions table, it didn't display the directions of this route. I don't understand what's the reason behind this. Is it a bug or is the route not assigned to any orders? I checked the AssignmentRule field and it was 'Include'. I checked all other properties, they are exactly same as other routes because I copied and pasted. Please help.