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Errors in Output of Vehicle Routing Problem

07-24-2013 01:38 PM
New Contributor
I have 19 orders (stores), 3 depots (warehouses) and 3 routes (trucks) per each depot i.e. total 9 routes. When I ran the Network Analyst solver, I could only see the map of 8 routes. There were 3 orders unassigned. To resolve the problem of unassigned orders, I clicked on every route to select it and also viewed its directions table. To my surprise, when I selected this particular route (NTruck_1), there was nothing selected and when I opened the directions table, it didn't display the directions of this route. I don't understand what's the reason behind this. Is it a bug or is the route not assigned to any orders? I checked the AssignmentRule field and it was 'Include'. I checked all other properties, they are exactly same as other routes because I copied and pasted. Please help.
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When there is no order assigned to a route, you won't be able to see the direction and route geometry in the map. You should double check the unassigned order to open its properties. The "Status" and "ViolatedConstraints" fields will show you the reason for the unassignment.
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