Programatically add hyperlinks to popup

Discussion created by jeff.pace on Jul 24, 2013
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I am using a popup in a side panel.  It is a tabContainer. 

I have a details tab which I am writing the content to, works great.

I would like a LINK panel, which contains a number of hyperlinks for each popup item.

How do i attach the hyperlinks to the content? Right now I have a JSON Array of hyperlinks that is generated at the same time as my popup content.

psuedo code

//start loop for each feature

//how do i put these in the popup so i can access them later?
var links = [{link1: 'http://...", link2: 'http://....'}]

//popup content
 var fieldInfos= [];
                    dojo.forEach(fieldNames, function(name){
                            fieldName: name, visible:true
                 //   alert(fieldInfos);
                    var g = new esri.Graphic(f.geometry, sym, attrs);
                    g.setInfoTemplate (new esri.dijit.PopupTemplate({
                          title: title,
                          fieldInfos: fieldInfos

//end loop