unable to connect to sampleserver3 using proxy.jsp

Discussion created by neha1611 on Jul 24, 2013
Hi all,

I am trying to use closestfacility task in my application.

I modified the code of the sample available for the same in the resources page. (find the link below)

The problem with me is that when I downloaded and ran the same code on my machine, it worked. But when I modified and integrated it into my application, it was unable to access sampleserver3 through my proxy file. I am using proxy.jsp (latest version) that I downloaded from the arcgis resources. I have already added the service url to my proxy page. Facility

But still I keep getting this error:

RequestError: Unable to load proxy.jsp? Facility/solveClosestFacility status: 500

Please help me.  I am unable to find any solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance.