Discussion created by smithaulton on Jul 22, 2013
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I am having problems with retrieving and using user input in phthonaddins. The only tool available that I know of is the GPToolDialog function (if there is an alternative, please let me know). I have tried using it several ways, but none work satisfactorily. The 1st way is a two button approach, in which the function is used in one button, and the rest of the code is run in a second button. This works, but is cumbersome. I have tried a one button approach several ways. When I invoke the GPToolDialog in my primary add-in code, I see the Parameters Dialog for the 2nd tool, but no further code in the primary .pyt will run after the parameters are set. I can add code in the 2nd tool, and it will run, but, strangely, only if I click the screen while the "Executing GetParameters (the 2nd tool)" window is running. How do I retrieve and use the parameters set by the user?
Thank You,
Aulton Smith