attribute inspector not working http request 200 problem

Discussion created by fl4 on Jul 16, 2013
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Hello all.

On my work I need to study this API (in order to use on a project) and all was ok until I started to move onto editing. We still have version 9.3 (no FeatureServer) so for now I am using the sampleservers to understand this part.
I am simply trying to run this http://developers.arcgis.com/en/javascript/samples/ed_attribute_inspector/ localy.
I think I am doing all fine but I just cant understand why I get no response for my request.

Basicaly I have a WAMP server and I use the php proxy.

updateFeature.getLayer().applyEdits(null, [updateFeature], null,
                           function (a,u,d){/* oo */},
        console.log("erro: " + erro);

Firstly I didnt notice that you could add the fucntion to see the error, so I was kind of confused why nothing happened. Then with the code above I always get this:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'addResults' of null

Even if send the updateFeature on adds updates deletes it still shows the error.
I have no clue what this refers to... from the example, they show is possible to have null vars (for an update we dont want to send data on the adds or deletes vars for example)

Where I am working we have a squid proxy. Dont know if this matters since all the rest works ok.

Thank you in advance.