Unable to Display ArcGISFeatureLayer from JSON local file

Discussion created by pmouquet on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by pmouquet
Hello All,
I can implement an ArcGISLocalTiledLayer and display *.tpk file.
Now I need to display (then query) JSON Local file.

The FeatureSet seems to be well created (see array in Debug mode), now the ArcGISFeatureLayer is not displayed.
I'm quite sure this come from the LayerDefinition strings which may be in the wrong format.
No specific error message in the LocCat error windows.

When I use the given sample everything works fine but when I want to apply on a new JSON file with mycustom Layerdefinition string nothing is displayed.

Well I'm looking for a tool on how can create it from ArcGis or C# code will be fine.
Some one got it ?