VSDOC12; Only in IE; SCRIPT1003:Expected':'

Discussion created by mravichandran on Jun 24, 2013
dear Readers,

thank you for taking the time to help me. to improve coding experience, we had downloaded from URL:, jsapi_vsdoc12_v35.js; we had dropped it in our /scripts folder and included the same in our common functions .js file with the statement:

/// <reference path="jsapi_vsdoc12_v35.js" />  

I was able to use intellisense to some extent and was pleased with the progress. While debugging on VS 2012, I was using firefox to get maximum benefits from firebug feature. things looked good on code and i had published it on the server - only to realize that IE browser did not like the vsdoc*.js file and bombed on line 1132 -first line after the beginning braces below @ esri.arcgis.utils.createMap:

Then I went to debug session and tried the same with IE and got SCRIPT1003 : Expected':' after esri. location in the 1st line after the beginnning braces.

thank you for your support.


esri.arcgis.utils.prototype = 
    esri.arcgis.utils.createMap: function (itemId/itemInfo,mapDiv,options) {
        /// <summary>Create a map using information from an item.</summary>
        /// <param name="itemId/itemInfo" type="String|Object" optional="false">An itemId for an item or the response object obtained from calling the esri.arcgis.utils.getItem method. You can discover the item's unique ID by browsing to the item in then extracting the id from the item's URL.</param>
        /// <param name="mapDiv" type="String" optional="false">Container ID for referencing map.</param>
        /// <param name="options" type="Object" optional="true">Optional parameters that define the map functionality:   <Object> mapOptions   See the optional parameters for the constructor for more details.     <String> bingMapsKey   The Bing Maps Key, required if working with Microsoft Bing Maps.      <Boolean> ignorePopups   When true, webmap defined popups will not display.      <String> geometryServiceURL   URL to the ArcGIS Server REST resource that represents a geometry service. For more information on constructing a URL, see The Services Directory and the REST API.  </param>
        /// <return type="dojo.Deferred">dojo.Deferred</return>
    esri.arcgis.utils.getItem: function (itemId_or_itemInfo) {
        /// <summary>Get details about the input item.</summary>
        /// <param name="itemId_or_itemInfo" type="String" optional="false">The itemId for a publicly shared item. You can discover the item's unique ID by browsing to the item in then extracting the id from the item's URL.</param>
        /// <return type="dojo.Deferred">dojo.Deferred</return>
    esri.arcgis.utils.getLegendLayers: function () {
        /// <summary>Can be used with esri.dijit.Legend to get the layerInfos list to be passed into the Legend constructor. It will honor show/hide legend settings of each layer and will not include the basemap layers.</summary>
        /// <return type="Array">Array</return>