Add Shapefile error in IE

Discussion created by RWinter85 on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by dstajanesri-ca-esridist
So I am having some trouble uploading a shapefile in IE9.  I was able to get it working in Chrome, Safari, and FF. 

In IE9 at first it was failing giving me an access denied error, so I pointed the app to my local php proxy and added the url in the serverURL's array and I got past this part.  But now I am getting an error stating 'Unable to get value of the property 'value'. object is null or undefined'.

As far as I can tell I am getting all the way to esri.request and then that is where the error is happening.  My code is pretty much the same thing as the sample code but just in case, here is the esri.request code

  url: portalURL+"/sharing/rest/content/features/generate",
  content: myContent,
  form: dom.byId("uploadForm"),
  handleAs: 'json',
    dom.byId("upload-status").innerHTML = "<p style='color:#0F0'>Loaded: "+response.featureCollection.layers[0]"</p>";

  error: lang.hitch(this,_self._uploadErrorHandler)

Edit: I noticed when logging the error to the console in IE, the only two things I found that were null or undefined so far are in the error object, error._ssl is undefined and error.response.options.query is null