How to check that tables in map document are editable

Discussion created by dknudsen on Jun 20, 2013
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I am creating add-in editing tools that should only become enabled when an editing session is started, certain required layers and tables are in the map document, and they have become editable (because the editing session was started on them). I can use the IEditLayers.IsEditable method to check that my required layers are editable, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do the same for my required standalone tables. I know I can find out the workspace that the edit session has been started on and see if the standalone tables are in the same workspace, but that's not quite the same thing as checking for editability:  tables in the same workspace might not have been versioned for editing, or privileges might not have been granted to the editing user.

I think there must be some way to do it. ArcMap automatically changes the GUI for the table grid when an editing session starts and the table becomes editable (i.e. a blank row appears at the bottom of the grid to allow inserting new rows, etc.).

Anyone have any clues if there is a method parallel to IEditLayers.IsEditable for standalone tables?