Using Rest API in C#

Discussion created by Marka@esri on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by rcarberry
I have a rather simple problem that I would like a simple solution to.  I have a non-GIS website that I want to be able to use the query and buffer functions of ArcGIS Server to query data in the GIS database.  The website is written in .Net and the version of ArcGIS Server is 10.1.  In the previous version of the APP I used ArcObjects and the WebADF to do this query, but I would like to move away from that if I can.  I have consumed the REST API using C# in another application but never the Buffer Operation and it seemed deserializing the JSON of a complex polygon is rather difficult.  I must be missing something simple and wanted some direction.

Here is the steps:

1.  User makes some advanced query requests, Give me all the property with X,Y,Z within a mile or two of a certain piece of property.

2.  If there is no spatial component, I would just query the SQL database using C#.  There are multiple tables not registered with the Geodatabase that need to be queried.

3.  With the spatial component, I want to get a list of properties that meet the spatial query criteria and then see which one of those meet the criteria for the non-spatial data queries (or vice versa whichever is simpler)

Which technology should I use to achieve this function in C#.