Geocoding: Error000004 : Could not get the address fields

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I've been trying to use arcpy to geocode a set of files, but I don't know what input fields to use. If I try to manually geocode a file one at a time, one of my input fields is "Street or Intersection" and another is "City or Placename", but I'm not sure how to put these into arcpy because of the spaces. When I just put them in as below, I get the error as in the subject. How should I refer to these input fields?  Also, notice that I've tried "Address" and "City" instead and these returned the same error.

#Julian Katz-Samuels
#May 1, 2013
#Geocode addresses

import arcpy

parts=map(str, parts)

years=["2000", "2001", "2002", "2003", "2004", "2005", "2006", "2007", "2008", "2009"]

Geocoder = r"X:\ebruch\shared\Locator\Street_Addresses_US.loc.xml"

#Check that file exists
   with open(Geocoder): pass
except IOError:
   print 'Oh dear geocoder.'

for i in years:
    for j in parts:
        address_table= r"X:\ebruch\shared\HistoryFile" + i + "_part" + j +".csv"
        geocode_result= r"X:\ebruch\shared\GeocodedHistoryFiles\GeocodedHistoryFiles.gdb\GeocodedHistoryFile" + i + "_part" + j + ".shp"
           with open(address_table): pass
        except IOError:
           print 'Oh dear address table.'
        arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding(address_table, Geocoder, "Street or Intersection StreetNumStreetName VISIBLE NONE;City or Placename SRmailCITY VISIBLE NONE;State SRmailSTATE VISIBLE NONE;Zip SRmailZIP VISIBLE NONE", geocode_result, "STATIC")
print "Done!"

Thank you,