ESRI ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Discussion created by hmdanielsen on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2013 by tereshenkov
I am sorry for disturbing you, but I am totally confused and need help and advice.
I have been told by my boss to look into obtaining a 'ESRI ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework'.
I have normally nothing to do with this.
So I have been looking at internet pages to find a place where I can buy a license for 'ESRI ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework'. I can find many many pages that describe how to install.
But nothing about how to obtain/buy a license.

Is it 'just' a license for ESRI ArcGIS Server     which can then be used in connection with Microsoft .NET Framework.
Or is it a very specific piece of software? Please advise me.
I have a feeling you are not allowed to give prices here in this forum (but it would be nice).