Address check with returned feature layer info

Discussion created by Chall79 on Jun 10, 2013
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I'm not at all versed in Javascript programming so I figured I would ask here and see if y'all could help me.  I want to create a "simple" map that utilizes the common street map basemap from esri.  There's a couple key points about the map:
1) The map needs to be accessible on several websites that all direct to the same map.  I think this is simple; just means giving the same html code or pages to several websites and have them implement.
2) The user will enter their address in a box and the map will locate their property.  Again, I think this is simple; there's sample coding on the resources website that does this and I could use.
3) If possible, I would like the address call to request a location query to a feature layer(s) and return results.  This can be done through a separate pop-up window or a frame on the same page.  The layers would be a map service I create through ArcGIS Server.

Any help would be appreciated.  This is obviously conceptual in nature and I don't have any code to share yet.  If it's not possible, I would prefer not wasting hours to realize it so my hope here is to see if anyone has done something similar and could verify and be available to ask questions along the way of setup.  I'm used to setting up Flex websites so I have no idea what I'm doing.